Pittsburgh Sports Performance Center
331 Station St.
Bridgeville, PA 15017



Team Members



Mike has been lifting for ten years now, starting at 12yo he has become one of the USA finest lifters in the 85 kilo weight division. With an impressive number of international team including a Pan-American and World Team Member, Mike is no stranger to success. He is currently ranked 3rd in his weight class and number 7th overall in the country.

  • 3x School Age National Champion
  • 2x Junior National Champion
  • 2012 National bronze medalist
  • 2013 Pan Am team member
  • 2013 World Team member 



Kevin has a very colorful sporting career, Starting sports when he was 5yo and competing until this day at age 25. He competed in 5 different sports in high school and lettered in 3 of them. Kevin has been competing in Olympic Weightlifting for 7 years and has won numerous titles. He is currently ranked 4th in the 105 kilos weight division and 14th overall.

  • 2x State Champion
  • 7th place finish at the 2008 junior nationals
  • 2012 American Open Bronze Medalist
  • 2013 Arnold Classic Champion
  • 2013 National Champion runner-up



Kyle is currently a full-time resident at the Olympic Training Center but lifts for Pittsburgh Barbell Club. Kyle has been lifting for almost 10 years now and has competed both Nationally and Internationally. Kyle recently passed the BAR examine and is looking to work for the USAW and still compete full-time. Kyle has a lot of potential and we are really looking forward to seeing big things from him. 
Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 147 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 185 kilos
  • Competition Total: 330 kilos



Dave is the youngest senior team member at 21 years old and the newest to the sport having only been lifting for a year. Dave is going to college at the California University of Pennsylvania and is studying Business Developement. Dave competes in the 69 kilos division and is ranked in the top 30 is his weight class. 
Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 101 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 130 kilos
  • Competition Total: 220 kilos




Vince competes in the 105 kilo weight class and has been lifting for 5 years now. Vince is currently attending the West Virginia University and is planning on graduating with an Exercise Science degree. Vince is ranked among the top 35 in his weight class and competes at a national level. 
Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 116 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 150 kilos
  • Competition Total: 270 kilos




Sewar has been lifting for a little over a year now and has made massive gains in that time frame. Lifting in the 75 category Sewar shows alot of potential as she lights up the platform every training session. Sewar is currently working as a legal assistant at Meyer Darragh and is attending Point Park University studying Engineering.
Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 62 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 76 kilos
  • Competition Total: 130 kilos




Junior Team Members


John is currently attenting Bethel Park highschool and is graduating in the spring. He is planning on attending Penn State University and will be majoring in Kinesiology. John has been lifting for 3 years now and has accumulated an impressive amount of accolades for that short time frame. Before competing in Olympic Weightlifting full-time John was a letter winner in Hocker as well as Lacrosse at his school.

  • Junior National top 20 finish
  • 3x East Coast Gold Champion
  • 2x East Coast Gold Best Junior Lifter
  • 2012 Frank Spellman Champion 

Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 98 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 114 kilos
  • Competition Total: 207 kilos



Luke has been weightlifting for 2 years now and is a Sophmore at Seneca Valley High School. Luke found the sport while playing lacrosse for his freshmen team and has never looked back since. Luke is currently ranked as a top junior lifter and his future looks very promising as a senior athlete. Luke has aspirations to attend Penn State University and major in the Medical Department.

  • 2012 Junior Nationals top ten finish
  • 2011 Young Guns Classic Runner-Up

Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 93 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 111 kilos
  • Competition Total: 198 kilos




Carly is currently in her first year of college at Penn State University and is majoring in Pre Veterinarian Biomedical Science. She has been competing in weightlifting for 3 years and is ranked 7th in her weight class as a junior weightlifter. Carly is an alumni of South Fayette high school were she played soccer along with weightlifting.

  • 3x State Champion 
  • 2x Best State Lifter Award
  • 7th Place Finish at Junior Nationals 

Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 58 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 75 kilos
  • Competition Total: 112 kilos




Ryan is a Sophmore at Quaker Valley high school and competes in the 75+ division. Ryan has been lifting for 4 years now and is the most experienced lifter on the Junior Team. Ryan is very active in singing and plans on having a successful music career after competing. Ryan holds the Junior Records in her weight class for the club and is the strongest Junior Female in the gym. 
Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 50 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 61 kilos
  • Competition Total: 109 kilos





Nick has been lifting for 3 years now and has already been on a Junior National team as well as won many local event in the Pittsburgh area. Nick is a Junior in Highschool were he plays football as well as wrestling when he is not training for Olympic Weightlifting.
Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 95 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 115 kilos
  • Competition Total: 200 kilos





Taylor is relatively new to the sport having been competing for about 2 years now but is still no stranger to competition. Competing at a high level in High school wrestling Taylor found weightlifting through his mentor and former Olympic Weightlifter himself Frank Remschel. Taylor has made great strides in his Olympic Weightlifting career thus far and plans on competing at the Senior National level one day soon. Taylor is currently attending West Virginia University and is actively training down there. 

  • 2012 Junior National Qualifier
  • 2012 Senior National Qualifier

Current Best Lifts:

  • Snatch: 100 kilos
  • Clean and Jerk: 132 kilos
  • Competition Total: 230 kilos